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(Video) Here’s what it looks like when a computer gets infected

McAfee SiteAdvisor takes a videotaped spin through some dark alleys of the Web. The result? A computer crash worth rubbernecking.
Note: the computer in the video is probably unpatched and otherwise unprotected. But all the same — it’s a good lesson in what NOT to do with your computer.

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Has Apple cracked the TV-PC barrier?

Has Apple Computer’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, found a way to connect the PC to the TV? John Markoff has the goods.
UPDATE: Apple Launches Online Movie Service

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TDS’ John Hodgeman explains Net Neutrality

“It’s a little-known fact that President Eisenhower installed an inter-connecting series of tubes in all US homes built before 1957. Go ahead at home, tear up your floorboards, you’ll see what I’m talking about….I can wait here while you do it. So anyway, if the Net Neutrality Act fails, get ready for the excitement of […]

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