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What Happened to the YouTube Empire We Were Promised?

Lots in the news recently about how rocky is the road travelled by Google in trying to make YouTube an online video money-making powerhouse. The always-excellent Internet Marketing Monitor has catalogued a series of “setbacks” suffered by Google recently:

Viacom Wants Its MTV… Pulled From YouTube
NBC’s Zucker Lashes Out at YouTube
Is Google Killing YouTube With Pre-roll […]

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iTunes Tutorial from Apple

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Ara’s showing his age. But listen: I’ve been doing P2P file transfers since loooong before there was an iTunes (or an iPod for that matter). And the fact is, I still don’t know all of the things that iTunes can do.
Do you?
If not, this iTunes tutorial is for […]

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Who needs to pirate software with a list like this?

Holy cow! Something for everyone — and it’s all free:

3D Graphics:
Anti Spyware:
Audio Creation
Audio Players:
Audio Tools:
CD/DVD Burning:
Compression / Decompression:
Defrag Software:
Photo manipulation and image design:
Pop-up Blockers:
RSS Readers:
System Information and monitoring:
Video codecs:
Video players :
Video tools:
Web browsers:
Web servers:
Webcam Software:
Checksum Utilities:
General Utilities And Other Applications:
(HT to Lifehacker)

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