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Google vs. News Corp/NBC News: Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down

Derrick has a great post about how YouTube Won’t Be Able to Match the Appeal to Advertisers of the News Corp/NBC Video Site.
That said, I wouldn’t count Google out just yet.
Here’s why:
Clearly the NBC/News Corp venture is all about creating another advertising medium not much different than broadcast/cable TV. That is a proven model of […]

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7 Simple Reasons Why You Need a Network Security Camera for Your Home

by Herman Lee

Easy to install: Most of the network cameras on the market are plug and play and/or have very simple to follow instructions for both the hardware and software end.
Comparatively cheaper than other security systems: Instead of paying a highly trained technician to install a complex CCTV system, and pay him on an ongoing […]

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What Happened to the YouTube Empire We Were Promised?

Lots in the news recently about how rocky is the road travelled by Google in trying to make YouTube an online video money-making powerhouse. The always-excellent Internet Marketing Monitor has catalogued a series of “setbacks” suffered by Google recently:

Viacom Wants Its MTV… Pulled From YouTube
NBC’s Zucker Lashes Out at YouTube
Is Google Killing YouTube With Pre-roll […]

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