Who needs to pirate software with a list like this?

Holy cow! Something for everyone — and it’s all free:

  • 3D Graphics:

  • Anti-Virus:
  • Anti Spyware:
  • Audio Creation
  • Audio Players:
  • Audio Tools:
  • CD/DVD Burning:
  • Compression / Decompression:
  • Defrag Software:
  • Photo manipulation and image design:
  • Programming:
  • Pop-up Blockers:
  • RSS Readers:
  • System Information and monitoring:
  • Video codecs:
  • Video players :
  • Video tools:
  • Web browsers:
  • Web servers:
  • Webcam Software:
  • Checksum Utilities:
  • General Utilities And Other Applications:

(HT to Lifehacker)

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