Get the Highest Speed Out of Your Wireless Computer

by Gregory Walding

When it comes to a wireless standard, the first thing we all look at is how fast will this baby run! And you know the trade-offs, you can spend a lot of money to get the fastest thing running, or you can back off a little and save a lot.

The good thing about wireless networks is that the price difference between wireless standards is almost gone. There are some things that could add up, but I will explain the difference and why you might want to go that route or not.

Now, lets get to the different wireless standards you can choose from.

  1. 802.11b - 11Mbit at 2.GHz

  2. 802.11a - 54Mbit as 5.0GHz
  3. 802.11g - 54Mbit at 2.4GHz
  4. Hybrid Systems

When you get ready to purchase your equipment, you will see a lot of systems saying that they are faster than these standards listed above. Most will say 108Mbit per second, some 125Mbit per second and a few even higher. To operate at these speeds usually requires you to only use their network cards to access their access points, some of them require a specific card from them to get that speed. If any other card connects, then they will drop back to the standard speed and you lose the extra speed you probably paid extra to get.

What Should You Get

I was purchasing equipment for a completely new wireless setup. We only had one older wireless computer and I replaced the card in it with a new one. I did purchase a system that advertised the 108Mbit speeds since I knew who was going to connect to it.

If you are building a new network setup, I suggest you purchase a system that will run faster than the standard, but only if you know who is connecting. If not, then get a system that runs on the 802.11g standard. The price is about the same as 802.11b but runs 5 times faster.

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