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Everything you need to know about connecting your Xbox to a wireless network

Learn more about wireless networking by watching this 7-minute video from Xbox Customer Care.

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Find and use Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere

JiWire has a great search engine for tracking down WiFi hotspots based on your zipcode. It also has a ton of stuff on how to secure your WiFi connection and tutorials on how to use your WiFi connection.
Check it out — links to wireless gear, How-To guides, downloads. Cool.

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Mini-Sensors for “Military Omniscience”

Network technology is being applied in lots of interesting ways.
Take this application, for example, detailed in DefenseTech.org:
Spotting insurgents, sorting out friend from foe – it’s beyond tough in today’s guerilla war zones. So tough, that no single monitor can be counted on to handle the job. The Pentagon’s answer: build a set of palm-sized, […]

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