Yes, Smartphones are a networking device

I’m a Treo user myself, but I have the ancient Treo 600. Some day I’ll upgrade and the 700p looks like a winner. Motorola has come out with a cheaper, sleeker competitor called the Q.

Walt Mossberg has a review of the newest (and best) smartphones:

smartphones.jpgThe cellphone — or, more accurately, the device formerly known as the cellphone — is getting to be more and more like a little portable computer. High-end models, known as smartphones, can handle large volumes of email, complete with attachments; surf the Web at high speed; view and edit Microsoft Office documents; take decent pictures; and play back music and videos.

To manage these laptop-like tasks, they come equipped with faster and faster processors; more and more internal memory; expansion slots for increasingly spacious memory cards; and small, but usable, keyboards, instead of mere phone keypads.

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