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How Do Computers Work ?

by Andrew James
The average person who uses a personal computer on a frequent basis doesn’t think about what happens inside a personal computer once the electricity is switched on. As long as their version of MS Windows pops up within a few seconds, most people are quite happy to continue on with what they want […]

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Router - Tracing Your Packets

by Michael Russell
If you’re wondering about the route your message takes when sending it to another computer or website, this technical look will show exactly how you can trace your packets with a little program called Traceroute.

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Microsoft Kills Christmas

First, Sony delays PSP3 until fall.
Now this:
The release of the consumer version of Microsoft’s highly anticipated Vista operating system - the latest version of its dominant Windows software - has been delayed until January 2007, a huge blow to PC makers and computer retailers who had been hoping that the new product would boost […]

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