Google vs. News Corp/NBC News: Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down

Derrick has a great post about how YouTube Won’t Be Able to Match the Appeal to Advertisers of the News Corp/NBC Video Site.

That said, I wouldn’t count Google out just yet.

Here’s why:

Clearly the NBC/News Corp venture is all about creating another advertising medium not much different than broadcast/cable TV. That is a proven model of revenue and profit generation that goes back nearly 75 years.

But it won’t replace YouTube (or its successors).

Why not?

Because NBC/News Corp. is a top-down approach (e.g. broadcast TV) and, as such, is different than YouTube which is P2P and/or bottom-up. There is plenty of room for both models.

And not only that…

I believe that the studios and Google could both have profited far more by working together than working apart. But, for whatever reason (e.g., “control”) this isn’t happening. As a result, both parties will make less money than if they had cooperated.

In short, we’re talking about the demand for apples AND oranges. Why not sell them both in the same market instead of… well you get the picture.

We’ve seen this before — remember how the recording industry “greeted” Napster? Yes, Napster is gone, but the recording industry ain’t doing so well either. In fact they were so sick back then they couldn’t attend the funeral of the goose that laid the golden egg.

The only one who could walk away under his own power was the customer who now controls the market more than ever.

This time it might be worse for the studios. Here’s why…

The main difference between Google and Napster is that Google has deep pockets (Napster had no pockets) and Google has diversified the implementation of its technology. Oh, and their market cap is … approximately a lot more than Viacom, et. al.

These are just a couple of reasons why I wouldn’t bet against Google right now.

[Note: I was inspired by I Help You Blog’s “101 Great Posting Ideas For Your Blog” to write this post about the ongoing struggle for control of the Internet video market.]

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7 Simple Reasons Why You Need a Network Security Camera for Your Home

by Herman Lee


  1. Easy to install: Most of the network cameras on the market are plug and play and/or have very simple to follow instructions for both the hardware and software end.

  2. Comparatively cheaper than other security systems: Instead of paying a highly trained technician to install a complex CCTV system, and pay him on an ongoing maintenance arrangement- you can have a network camera security system that can stand on it’s own against CCTV and traditional security systems.
  3. Works with your existing computer network: If you already have a home network, then the network camera works with your settings, so you don’t need to pay more for the proper security infrastructure.
  4. Provides peace of mind: watch your home, watch your childs room, watch your vacation home, watch your pets while you are on vacation, etc
  5. See remote areas: as far away as across the globe, or your own front porch from a centralized area. Can even remotely view your children at the nursery (depending on the nurseries policies though this is becoming more standard)
  6. Flexibility: Prefer not to be tethered to the security control panel or hire a full time security professional to monitor things, then get security alerts which you can view from cell phone, laptop, or PDA device, and provide multiple users access to the various security assets.
  7. Receive alerts via email when detects motion, either when someone visits your home, or when your children leave home to hang out.


  1. May have poor image quality depending on model and configuration, and wireless cameras in general have poorer image quality on the lower to mid range.

  2. For more bells and whistles, like sound recording, scheduled emails, and motion capture, it varies greatly from model and software description.
  3. Generally, outdoor surveillance equipment is more costly, especially if you want the ability to remotely pan/tilt, zoom in, zoom out, and want a waterproof camera. However for a home system this is probably not as urgent as opposed to for a business situation.
  4. Drains computer network resources, so if you don’t have a speedy computer, then there’s a chance of a slight slow down in your collective resources.

Remember that despite the cons, the benefits outweigh them as they provide great security results at a lower installation and maintenance cost than traditional Closed Circuit Television systems.

About The Author:
Find more compelling reasons to implement or enhance your surveillance system using home security cameras and CCTV. For an up to date industry daily subscription to the latest security worthy news, please bookmark our wireless security blog.

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How to Save Hundreds On Your Next Big Electronics Purchase

From StoryEvent:

[First,] you indicate that you’re interested in buying a big fat warranty…

…then ask ask the sales assistant to lower the item’s price. Since big box electronics stores are often pushed to sell warranties, they’ll be willing to budge on the price of your item - especially if it’s got a big price tag.

[But wait, there’s more…]

Then when checkout time comes, you have a change of heart on the warranty. Simple enough.

(HT to Lifehacker)

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